By Anton Babenko

weekly.tf - Issue #56 - Free Terraform course, AWS Config, Patterns, and "Do not use AWS CloudFormation"



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HashiCorp Terraform Associate Certification Course - Pass the Exam!
How to Deploy AWS Config Conformance Packs Using Terraform
Common Patterns of Infrastructure as Code Architecture — Terraform and Terragrunt
Evolving Your Infrastructure with Terraform
Evolving Your Infrastructure with Terraform
Evolving Your Infrastructure with Terraform
A classical video by Nicky Watt is from 2017. Many readers didn’t know about Terraform back then, but I find that referring to this video is very helpful in discussions with customers and the community where nowadays it is easier to try to find the silver bullet by just using another tool (Pulumi, Terraform, CDK, etc.) or by just adopting another approach (e.g., terragrunt vs. Terraform workspaces) instead of understanding the root of the problems we are trying to solve with IaC.
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