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weekly.tf - Issue #63 - Snowflakes and teams as code, Terraform Development Workflow, Terragrunt Drift Detection

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weekly.tf - Issue #62 - Terraform variables, AWS Budgets, Backups with Lambda

The concept of variables is simple enough to explain to kids at school (try it). It is easy to grasp but not to use in Terraform if you are an adventurous person who has experience with other programming languages (Terraform is not a programming language).Tre…


weekly.tf - Issue #61 - Leapp, Terraform workspaces, Semgrep

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weekly.tf - Issue #60 - GitHub Actions OIDC, Oracle Cloud, Terraform 1.1 with Config-driven refactoring

This photo collectively represents me, other terraform-aws-modules maintainers, and probably the majority of Terraform users, after reading CHANGELOG.md for Terraform 1.1 and realizing that "config-driven refactoring" feature looks useful but... it won't make…


weekly.tf - Issue #59 - pre-commit-terraform, Terraform modules in a big project

29th of October, 12pm CEST, I will demo pre-commit-terraform - a project used by many Terraform users who want to keep code nice and clean. Did you know that now you can estimate the infrastructure cost before committing changes? I want to know if this is a g…


weekly.tf - Issue #58 - CI/CD in GCP, Terragrunt features without terragrunt

Many of us who were using Terraform for some time (especially since pre-0.12 times), used to develop and operate a variety of wrappers because Terraform CLI didn't have certain features we wanted (or we thought "we wanted").Terragrunt is the most popular tool…


weekly.tf - Issue #57 - HashiConf, Azure import/move, and nomedium

Unfortunately, I can't include some good articles published on the medium because they are behind the paywall (read more on nomedium.dev).


weekly.tf - Issue #56 - Free Terraform course, AWS Config, Patterns, and "Do not use AWS CloudFormation"

A classical video by Nicky Watt is from 2017. Many readers didn't know about Terraform back then, but I find that referring to this video is very helpful in discussions with customers and the community where nowadays it is easier to try to find the silver bul…


weekly.tf - Issue #55 - Terraformer, Terratag, IAM Vulnerable

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weekly.tf - Issue #54 - Atlantis, Terraform providers, Terraform at Qovery

I and Bryant Biggs (one of the core maintainers of Terraform AWS modules, and an experienced Terraform user) will be talking about Atlantis: what is it, how we can use it.I am sure that some readers also wonder whether we still have a place for Atlantis nowad…


weekly.tf - Issue #53 - App deployments, Azure DevOps, CI/CD with Google Cloud Build

Terrascan uses Open Policy Agent to detect compliance and security violations across Infrastructure as Code. Sounds cool, right? Join my live stream on the 17th of September where I will take a deeper look into the tool and figure out what can we all get from…


weekly.tf - Issue #52 - Terraform and Community Contributions, TIER


weekly.tf - Issue #51 - Terraform Atomic Design, EC2 Image Builder

Source: /r/Terraform. AB: Locally I always run "terraform apply" and then type "sdfhsdfhrwe" if I really don't want to apply the plan I see. It saves me a few seconds a day for a few years! What are your #TerraformTricks? :)


weekly.tf - Issue #50 - semver for IAC, policy-sentry


weekly.tf - Issue #49 - Dependency hell, sops, validator

This is a public meeting with maintainers of Terraform AWS modules where we go through meta discussions and do some planning for the future (see the description of the video on YouTube for the agenda).


weekly.tf - Issue #48 - Secrets, M1, CDK, self-service infra with UI

Hello!This is the first Terraform newsletter after the summer break. ☀️ 🍳If you are interested in learning more about Terraform and AWS, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I continue having weekly live streams covering various topics (Terraform too…


weekly.tf - Issue #47 - Terraform Providers, gitlab

One of the most popular requests I have received from the readers of this newsletter was about the creation of Terraform providers. So here are a couple of links to recent excellent tutorials:


weekly.tf - Issue #46 - CI/CD, tags/yor, costs

There were very few interesting articles this week that I'd like to share with everyone in this newsletter. Content creators probably digest the fact that Terraform 1.0 is out and planning the roadmap for the next 18 months.PS: Please share interesting conten…


weekly.tf - Issue #45 - Terraform 1.0, AWS FIS, AppRunner


weekly.tf - Issue #44 - CDK for Terraform, new open-source projects