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Terraform Variables
The concept of variables is simple enough to explain to kids at school (try it). It is easy to grasp but not to use in Terraform if you are an adventurous person who has experience with other programming languages (Terraform is not a programming language).
Treat variables much simpler because there is no real validation (am I wrong?), and you can’t use variables in many parts of the configurations (depends_on, providers, backend, etc.).
Bonus point if your code does not rely on any experimental features introduced since 0.14 (behavior can be changed or dropped). Some potentially helpful experiments (enormously depending on your needs): optional arguments in objects (issue #19898) and defaults() function.
Dear HashiCorp, can we know when the existing experiments will be summarized? Terraform 0.14 was released in December 2020. Terraform was 15% younger and fitter back then.
Monitor your AWS billing using AWS Budgets
Database backup using AWS Lambda
Open-source project(s)
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