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Terraform 1.1: Config-driven refactoring
This photo collectively represents me, other terraform-aws-modules maintainers, and probably the majority of Terraform users, after reading for Terraform 1.1 and realizing that “config-driven refactoring” feature looks useful but… it won’t make any difference to them right away because there are other more important issues.
Disagree? Great, please tell me if I am wrong - @antonbabenko
Taken from
Taken from
Using Github Actions OpenID Connector to push to AWS ECR without Credentials
Using GCP to Load Test a Web Application
Oracle Cloud
Terraform with Oracle Cloud provider
oracle/oci-designer-toolkit: OCI designer toolKIT
November 5th - Terraform tools reviews
Spacelift - Terraform tools reviews
Spacelift - Terraform tools reviews
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Anton Babenko
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