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Setting up a CI/CD Pipeline on GCP with Terraform
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Terragrunt features without terragrunt, please!
Many of us who were using Terraform for some time (especially since pre-0.12 times), used to develop and operate a variety of wrappers because Terraform CLI didn’t have certain features we wanted (or we thought “we wanted”).
Terragrunt is the most popular tool in this category (see my review part 1 and part 2) but it is not the only one. There is also Terraspace by Boltops that I had the pleasure to review with the author a year ago (link).
I believe that most of the existing wrapping solutions are unnecessarily hard to use (prove me wrong on Reddit).
Do most of the users really need features provided by the Terragrunt or should we aim to extract just 20% of them and have them incorporated in the Terraform at some point?
pwillis-els/terraformsh: A wrapper for Terraform in Bash
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